Written By EA3GCY

This section offers new parts, demo or used radio parts or equipment, almost cost price.

I hope you find it useful some of these deals.

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12V 2A 24W Switching power supply. Ideal for QRP equipment, receivers etc. Nominal voltage 12V, can go down 0.1-0.2V with full load. Output connector: 5.5 * 2.1-2.5 mm. New. 1 unit. 6,50€

S-METER RF Signal and SWR Panel meter 150uA. Display 35x14mm. 10-14V 40mA Lamp. NISSEI. New. 1 unit. 9,75€

SWR Panel Meter 200uA 45x48mm NO Lamp. Flash Star.  
New. 1 units. 9,25€

VERY LOW COST 27mm Knob and 41mm dial. Scale from 0 to 100 with 40 subdivisions.  
Knob+Dial. New. 2 units. 1,90€

LOW COST Reducer 7:1 for one-turn potentiometer 270º (Vernier Dial with 0 to 10 scale with 100 subdivisions). It is also valid for variable capacitors of 180º (0-6 scale 60 subdivisions). 
Metal bracket for potentiometer and all screws included.
Reducer 7:1. Vernier Dial. New. 12,50€

This is a Electret microphone / speaker.
Refurbished to improve quality: 
- Electret capsule replaced by a good quality.- Drill in the micro chassis extended.- Jack connector replaced by a 3.5mm stereo jack (mic-ptt-gnd)- Speaker not connected, a separate jack to jack cable can be used (no included).- Female 3.5mm jack chassis included. Refurbished and jack 12.50€ No refurbished, no jack 8,50€ 

EndFed QRP Antenna Tuner. New. 45€

X108 Xiegu 9 band AM-SSB-CW Transceiver.
New from demo.
CW Filter (500Hz). SSB Filter (2,4Khz).
1-20W out. Mike included. From demo 400€ or best offer

Polyvaricon 160pF + 70pF and shaft & screws New 10 pcs for 20€
2SC1969 HF-CB New 5pcs for 30,00€

2SC2078 HF-CB New 5pcs for 15,00€

2SC2312 HF-CB New 5pcs for 30,00€

MRF644 25W UHF 1pcs. New 29,50€ or best offer

MRF245 80W VHF 1pcs. New 24,50€ or best offer

2N6084 40W VHF 1pcs. New 20,50€ or best offer

MRF2628 15W VHF 1pcs. New 20,50€ or best offer

PR2 - Broadband RF Preamplifier.
Broadband from 1 MHz to 1000 MHz, usable to 2000 MHz
New from DEMO: 40€ or best offer