Written By EA3GCY

I-BOX-A, I-BOX-DS and U-BOX Universal enclosures for home made Transceivers (ILER, MFT etc.)


The I-BOX-A is a custom enclosure for ILERs, MFTs and other home made transceivers
I-BOX-DDS include display window for ILER&DDS.
U-BOX is an Universal enclosure for home-made transceivers.  


The boxes are of aluminum and iron destined to RF assemblies. The cover is painted with heavy duty industrial paint.
The I-BOX-A case its has been machined and labeled for use with ILER transceiver kits (without ILER-DDS).
The tuning dial printed is for ILER polyvaricon. An adhesive dial scale for MFT tuning potentiometer is included.
The I-BOX-DDS front panel its machined and labeled for ILER and ILER-DDS.
The U-BOX box has virgin fiberglass front and rear panels (one side with copper) that allows drilling and labeling to customize the box with your project.


  • External Size: 130 x 185 x 50 mm
  • The I-BOX-DDS and I-BOX-A included: Aluminum cover painted + Iron base + 2 machined and labeled front and rear panels (copper on one side) + 3 pcs 3.5mm jack sockets + 1 power supply socket + 1 BNC socket + 2 or 3 switches + 2 Knobs + 8 Screws + Wire
  • The U-BOX included: Aluminum cover painted + Iron base + 2 Virgin fiberglass panels (copper on one side) + 8 Screws.

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