PCB manufacturing

Written By EA3GCY


EA3GCY Kits now offers manufacturing service of PCB's from a single unit to small series.
The boards are manufactured manually.
Image files from internet, magazines etc. accepted. 
Gerber files not needed! No startup costs !

This service is primarily intended for enthusiasts, students and engineers who need simple prototypes.
We do not intend to serve the PCB manufacturing industry, large series etc.
Our printed circuit boards may be single-sided or double-sided, but without solder mask, without through-hole plating, without tinning, and component labeling  (silk screening). FR4 laminate thickness 1.5 mm. The thickness of copper 35 μm. The boards are covered with flux to facilitate soldering.

We accept the following original formats: 
● SVG, PS, EPS, PDF, bitmap (black and white with no shades of gray), etc. 
 KICAD (Free Software) 
● InkScape (Free Software)

We do not accept orders based upon electronic diagrams or schematics. 
We accept orders based upon hand drawings with dimensions.
(hand-drawn, bitmap and other image formats may incur extra fees).

Designs must meet the following requirements:
If project is a bitmap, pdf and other image format it must be black and white (no shades) and tell me the real dimensions and the number of holes.
White holes must be inside black and white (no shades).
Printed circuit board must have edges.
Both sides of printed circuit board must have inscriptions true to how they will appear readable (not mirrored) on the real printed circuit board. Examples: "TOP" the upper surface and "BOTTOM" on the lower surface.
A good practice is to mark pin number 1 of integrated circuits.
Printed circuit board must have edges >=0.254 mm.
Maximum size of the printed circuit board: 260 mm x 500 mm.
Thickness of the traces >=0.254 mm.
The space between the traces >=0.254 mm.
Diameter of holes: minimum 0.6 mm. maximum 5 mm. Round holes only.
Diameter of solder pad >= diameter of hole + 0.7 mm.
We cut printed circuit boards only in rectangular shape (cut by guillotine). 
Printed circuit boards are without solder mask, without plated-through holes, without tinning, and component labeling
Made of FR4 laminate. 
Thickness of printed circuit boards single-sided and double-sided 1.5 mm. Thickness of copper 35 μm.
Boards are covered with substance to facilitate soldering.

Delivery time:
Normal service: 4-6 weeks (before sending). 
Express service: 1-2 weeks (before sending).

For orders and budgets:

1. Send me the original work to my email and the requested quantity(Remember: If project is a bitmap, pdf or other image formats tell me the real dimensions and the number of holes). 
2. I 'll review and tell you the price and delivery time.
3. If you agree, then the payment is in advance.

Price examples (plus 9€ shipping worldwide):

Board single sided 100 x 50 mm and 100 holes.
Normal delivery time: 1 pc. 15€ 2 pcs. 18€
Express delivery time: 1 pc. 25€ 2 pcs. 28€

Board double-sided 100 x 50 mm and 50 holes.

Normal delivery time: 1 pc. 17€ 2 pcs. €20
Express delivery time: 1 pc. 27€ 2 pcs. 30€

No startup costs.
More pieces: Much lower prices.