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MFT-40 / MFT-20 DSB QRP Transceivers

Written By EA3GCY

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My First Transceiver Kit

MFT-40 / MFT-20 DSB Transceivers KIT

Direct Conversion receiver and DSB transmitter. 

The MFT-40 / MFT-20 “My First Transceiver” is a simple, low-cost DSB (double sideband) transceivers similar to the famous “Beach-40”, “Micro-40” by VK3YE, “Wee Willy” by VA3IUL, etc. However, the MFT has improved both the receive and transmit characteristics, and its kit assembly puts the project within the reach of radio circuit builders of any level. The MFT are a transceiver designed especially for new builders, for educational use in schools and for club building projects and the like. However, it is also a very attractive assembly project for experienced amateurs who like low power and want to get on the air with "minimalist" equipment. The printed circuit board (PCB) is over-sized for easy location and placement of the components. The receiver (MFT-RX) can be assembled and put in operation independently of the transmitter, which allows neophytes to assemble and use the receiver before beginning to work on the transmitter (MFT-TX). The transmitter cannot operate without the receiver, since the local oscillator is built into the receiver.


  • Frequency coverage MFT-40: about 7.085 - 7.165Mhz in two ranges (modifiable value capacitors)  
  • Frequency coverage MFT-20: about 14.240 - 14.290Mhz. (modifiable by inductance o crystal) 
  • Controls: RF-Gain/Volume and Tune
  • Supply 12-14VDC 25mA receive. About 800mA in TX.  
  • Board size: 110x130 mm.
  • DSB double side band 
  • RF Output: 4W MFT-40  /  3,5W MFT-20 (12-13,8V)
  • Second harmonic output -50dB
  • Carrier suppression better -30dB
  • Mike type: electret.capsule included
  • Type: DC direct conversion.
  • Front-end: Triple tune circuit.
  • Sensitivity: 0.5uV mínimum discernible signal.
  • Audio Preamp and Filter
  • Audio output: 250mW @ 8ohms.

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