EKEY16 K16 electronic keyer

Written By EA3GCY

EKEY16 Mini board. K16 electronic keyer KIT from K1EL.

EKEY16 kit use the incredible K16 keyer IC from K1EL. EKEY16 kit has few components and can be built in less than an hour. You supply an enclosure, connectors, and message pushbutton switches. They could easily be embedded in a home brew QRP radio or  replace the logic board in an existing keyer.


  • Speed range: 5-50 WPM
  • QRSS Speeds LOWFER
  • Messages: 236 letters/12slots
  • Embedded commands
  • Modes: Bug, Iambic A or B and Ultimatic keyer
  • AF keying mode
  • Adjustable inter-letter spacing
  • Autospace
  • Adjustable Weighting
  • Keying compensation
  • Serial No, w/auto-increment
  • Paddle swap command
  • Sidetone output
  • Adjustable Sidetone frequency.
  • Fast paddle speed change.
  • Power supply: 3 to 5V
  • KIT form include: PCB and all parts on PCB + Sidetone speaker + 3V battery and socket
  • No included: enclosure, switches or connectors
  • PCB Size: 30 x 40mm

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